Wednesdays, 15:00 - 16:00 (Links to meeting rooms are on Slack) If possible, please upload your presentation slides to the 'File' column before you present.

10/7OnoEnglish Seminar IntroductionSlides
10/14JimmyTor Browser Reconnaissance via Website FingerprintSlides
10/21OnoMalware ClassifiersSlides
11/4XiePrivacy-preserving Deep LearningSlides
11/11MalikaHEART-IS: A novel technique for evaluating human error-related information security incidentsSlides
11/18YajimaMy research topicSlides
11/25KawaokaA First Look at COVID-19 
Domain Names: Origin and Implicationsslide
12/2NomotoMy research topic(COVID-19 contact tracing app) and Introduction of paperSlides
12/9MinamisawaMy Research Topic: Autonomous Driving and Multi-Sensor FusionSlides
12/16SakoMy research project (slide is secret)
1/6SandraSDN definition and state of the art reviewSlides
1/20InokuchiAnalyzing the End-to-End Life Cycles of Large Scale Phishing AttacksSlides
1/27KimotoBlockchain in EducationSlides

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